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Awesome Projects

  • HTML 5 Website Development

    HTML5 is equipped with built-in elements that enable it to handle multimedia content with the utmost efficiency. It has lots of new tags and enhancements for a wide range of features including form controls, APIs, Geolocation, Offline Application Cache, multimedia, structure, database support and faster processing.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    ERP business solution software empowers your people to be more productive and enables your systems to adapt as you grow while delivering the insight you need to respond quickly in an ever-changing world. Go beyond basic accounting with improved financials & operations to Meet specific industry.

  • WordPress For Your Website

    Wordpress is easily customizable and has so many interactive features - Less expensive to build, Easier to change the design later, Easier to maintain because of built-in CMS, SEO-friendly format out of the box, Extensibility through Wordpress add-ons, and Ongoing developer support through Wordpress updates.

  • Database Management System

    We offer comprehensive set of database management software technologies to dramatically increase productivity by providing deep functional expertise across multiple database platforms. We automate database object management, and develop code more efficiently using market standard protocols.

  • School Management Software

    Unparallel and comprehensive School Management Software that covers each and every entity of school. It is an interactive platform for all the entities of School like Teachers, Management, Financial Department, Students, Parents and Librarian etc. Our solutions are easy to use.

  • Inventry software

    Software systems designed to make stock management a much simpler process, helping to reduce time and cost. Our solutions are designed to allow you to track stock accurately with increased efficiency using a variety of technology including wireless mobile, RFID leading ultimately to improved profitability.

  • Flash website design

    Flash enhances the appeal of any web site making its design more interesting and visually illustrative. Especially, sites presenting games, movies and other such interactive products need to be dynamic which is possible only with Flash designs.when you incorporate Flash in your site, rest assured it would be viewed by most.

  • Payroll Management Software

    Our Software delivers tightly integrated functionality across HR, payroll, benefits, training, and attendance management. Solutions provide rich reporting and analysis, and a web workforce portal with employee self-service, company communications, benefits enrollment, applicant tracking, and more.

  • Content Management System

    CSM help website users with content editing, they also take care of a lot of "behind the scenes" work such as: Automatically generate navigation elements, Making content searchable and indexable, Keeping track of users, their permissions and security settings, and much, much more.

  • Web Apps

    Our dedicated team has a unique combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge base, result oriented management and extensive experience. We believe in developing long lasting business solution rather than just developing an application, which satisfies your needs for short period.

  • Microsoft Office Automation

    Office automation is intended to provide elements which make it possible to simplify, improve, and automate the organisation of the activities of a company or a group of people (management of administrative data, synchronisation of meetings, meeting planning and management of work schedules, etc.).

  • CRM

    ShreeStar`s CRM solutions provide you with the customer business data to help you provide services or products that your customers want, provide better customer service, cross-sell and up sell more effectively, close deals, and Automate business activities so that you can focus on selling and not on maintaining data.

  • Visual Basic for Applications

    VBA allows a user to: Automate report generation, Automate chart creation, Perform data processing, Automate communication between Microsoft Excel and databases, Build professional grade wizards (i.e. floating dialog boxes) rapidly, Integrate legacy code written in C, Perl, Apple Script, FORTRAN and VB with Excel.

  • Automated Apple Itunes Registration

    nput from csv file that contains unique user names, password, addresses, and other details Iterate through the names, creating an iTunes account for each unique user. The process of creating iTunes accounts is Automated by the application.

  • Patient & Ambulance Management

    A Complete Patient & Ambulance Management System with multiple user logins, Creates custom report of daily activities, maintaince daily database, has a customisable Interface and lan based application connecting multiple PCs. Uses SQL Server 2008 Database, Designed in .NET 4.0